Storing your documents security and cost effectively

Our scan on-demand service is growing in popularity due to many more people working from home. The current pandemic has seen a sharp rise in the need for employees to not only have documents conveniently at their fingertips but for clients to then distribute internally while being GDPR compliant. This danger can easily arise when multiple employees are working from home and are keeping sensitive information where they shouldn’t. 

This solution is also part of our environmental ethos here at Stor-a-File, which helps us to lower our own and our clients' carbon footprint thanks to vehicle deliveries being unnecessary. It also adds to the security of your documents – with lower risks, as they never leave our care. Along with this, we have a secure electronic network protected by firewalls, dedicated leased lines, encrypted servers, secure domain access and password protection.

Not only is this option available to new customers, but there has been an increasing trend for our existing clients to take it up. We can easily scan your documents, making them available to you whenever you need them. You can even schedule turning your paper archive into digital form each month and set a monthly budget to manage the migration of your archive. 

Although it is more cost-effective to store your physical documents, it is not always practical – so we can offer a very flexible storage solution that is a mix of physical and digital to meet the needs of your organisation. We offer document storage at our purpose-built storage facilities and use our Scan-on-demand service, live file scanning (those used frequently) or managed monthly document migration when required by you. 

Once documents are scanned, some of our clients opt to keep the physical copies, which are retained in our secure archives. However, many choose to take advantage of our secure shredding service for documents that are no longer needed and as a result reduce storage capacity and costs. 

This flexible approach has been very popular, and our new storage centre in West Bromwich is increasingly active in the West Midlands. It now serves as our most active archive, with capacity for over 80,000 document boxes and excellent road access to the surrounding area. Together with our fully operational archive at Corby, which provides storage, scanning and shredding, our full range of services are readily available to customers throughout the East and West Midlands.

If you have any questions or would like to hear more about a flexible storage solution for your organisation, talk to our friendly team today!