Launching Stor-a-File Cloud Document & Scan Service

Stor-a-File acquired KGS associates last year, a document management services provider. The team has been focused on delivering a proposition for our clients that will help them alleviate space and time constraints traditionally associated with the storage of paper documents. 

All organisations and businesses in the UK & across the world have been under immense operational pressure with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many organisations working with reduced employee capacity and new operational processes i.e. working from home. 

Our team is delighted to be able to launch Stor-a-File Cloud solutions to help organisations manage their records. The online secure portal will enable customers to request documents to be scanned, search their document index, view and download documents. 

Choose from.....

Scan On Demand 

Quick turnaround Scan-on Demand services - option to store all your documents in our purpose built storage facilities with the new scan return service as and when you need documents. 


Live File Scanning

All your business or organisations essential live files available as and when required with Live File Scanning. 


Budget On Demand 

Schedule turning your paper archive into digital form each month, set a monthly budget to manage the migration of your archive. 


Benefits of our online document service

  • On-demand access to information 24/7

  • Easily search information and access it quicker

  • Accelerate your business processes, with access to files anytime and anywhere

  • Document management capabilities tailored to your business needs

  • Speed up access to documents for your office and remote employees

  • Easy to use secure online portal for authorised employees who need access to files

  • Enable paperless offices and processes

  • Improve the handling of customer enquiries - with quick access to records

  • Improve business continuity and crisis management

  • Fully GDPR compliant

  • Reduced carbon footprint, with less vehicle emissions


Fully scalable, secure file distribution architecture - provided by the UKs leading Records Management Solution company. 

Commonly asked questions


Do I have to add all my stored documents to the system? 

No, you can request from your document index online via the portal, as and when you need a document or file. 


Can I have the online portal alongside traditional storage? 

Yes, you can store your documents at our purpose built storage facilities and use our on demand service, live file scanning (those used frequently) or managed monthly document migration. Flexible to meet the needs of each organisation.


Do I need software? 

No, the system is a secure online web based portal with managed access for employees. Making it quick and easy to deploy to your team. Built to stringent security standards and to be GDPR compliant. 


Will access to documents be quicker?

Yes, depending on the solution chosen - it could be instant or within 48 hours. 


Can I have multiple users?

Yes, we issue individual users access.


Are there any minimum browser requirements?

Yes, the online portal is penetration tested and uses the latest security protocols so requires up to date browsers. 


How do I request a document? 

Log into the online portal, review your client document index, select documents for retrieval and submit request. 


How long does it take to digitise our archive? 

This will depend on the amount of records held and if you need instant access to all files. We can create a tailored package for each business, contact our sales team for further information. 

Interested in exploring the options available please contact our Customer Service team on 0800 281587 or get in touch with an email