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Digital Mailroom Technology.

Intelligent digital mailroom capture technology and document integration enables us to sort, store and report your client communications, allowing you to quickly and easily act on the findings.


It’s crucial for all businesses to understand their customers. Effective two-way communications is one of the best ways to learn a range of vital information about your client base.

Data Capture

From surveys and questionnaires to unopened mailing, it’s important to capture and process information from your customer base effectively, efficiently and accurately so that you have up-to-date information on which to base your future campaigns and business actions.

Capturing and processing large quantities of information manually, however, requires considerable manpower, time and equipment, which makes it an incredibly time consuming and costly task. The solution is simple: intelligent data capture. Replacing manual, error-prone and expensive data entry processes with automatic data extraction utilising features like OCR, OMR and barcode extraction allows us to maximise productivity and reduce costs. With a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to managing the processes involved we can offer sound advice to our customers about form layouts, use of barcodes and questionnaire/survey design. For years we have delivered results that help businesses to gain insight into and better understand the experience of their customers, thereby improving reputations and increasing profitability.

We also understand the need for security and confidentiality when it comes to capturing, reporting and storing your data. You can feel confident in the knowledge that our operations comply with a number of international quality and security standards, including ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 27001 Information Security Management standard and BS 10008 Electronic information management.

Our ranges of services are tailored to your requirements. Our experienced team are able to assist you with every part of your data capture needs. We plan campaigns designed to optimise the efficiency of data capture, collation and response fulfilment, offer services that include PDF data extraction, OCR scanning, barcode recognition, survey and OMR questionnaire capture, and provide additional analysis and reporting tools. We aim to have the highest possible rate of accuracy when performing data capture through our document processing systems to ensure you have exactly the information you need.

Barcode Recognition

Processing large volumes of returned mail can be a big business expense. There are all kinds of reasons why your communications may not have been delivered to the intended recipient – they could have moved, they may not want to receive mail from you anymore, or there may have been a barrier to delivery. Whatever the reasons, you need to know.

1D and 2D barcodes are an essential feature of many modern mailing campaigns. They include all kinds of important addressee data, which allows you to capture the vital gone-away data you need. But in order to log this information as soon as you receive undelivered mail, you need to have a data capture strategy in place.

Our innovative and unique barcode recognition software allows us to capture large volumes of data. We can even capture data from damaged barcodes, meaning you don't lose any valuable information. Your returned mail can be routed directly to us or we can collect it and take it to our facilities to extract the information you need from each barcode.

It’s a fast, efficient and cost-effective returned mail solution for companies of all sizes. Capturing this data stops you from continuing to send communications to customers who do not receive them, which reduces waste, lowers your carbon footprint and cuts postage costs. It also enables you to keep more accurate, up-to-date customer database.

Questionnaire & Survey Management

It takes considerable internal resources to handle the demanding task of regularly processing invoices, forms, questionnaires and surveys. Many companies do not have the manpower, time or money to meet this challenge in-house. Our experienced and knowledgeable team, however, are on hand to provide the perfect solution.

We can advise you on the best technology and system to enable the most effective and efficient capturing of your response data. From market research surveys to questionnaires and entry and application forms, we can not only help you to capture data, but manage the entire process from design and printing to mailing, follow up and analysis to provide you with a complete solution.

In addition, our experienced team can help you to create surveys and questionnaires that are better designed to meet your data needs. We can help you to design documents that are more intuitive to use and ensure that the right questions are being asked. As a result, responses will give you clearer and more relevant data to work with.

Your responses can be sent directly to our facilities or we can organise regular and secure collections. Here we track, process and capture your data. We can convert your data into a number of formats so that you can start working with your data as soon as you receive it from us.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Easily adaptable to whatever your requirements may be, our data capture services are designed to help you make the most of your opportunities and to ensure that your data works for you. This is why, in addition to capturing your data, we can also convert, analyse and report on your data, too.

Our data analysis and reporting services help you to get the information you need, and fast. Whether that’s a count of your postal returns each day or a breakdown of returns by location or campaign code, we have the necessary tools to quickly provide you with the accurate information you need.

We can convert your data into a number of formats so that you can start working with your data as soon as you receive it from us. Quick and professional data analysis and reporting helps you to react to changing conditions, which can give you a valuable competitive advantage.

As with all of our services, we work to extremely high professional standards. Our operations comply with a range of important and internationally-recognised quality and security standards, and our team are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to handling and processing confidential information, so you can rest assured that your data is in safe and capable hands.

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