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From creating a paperless office to heightening document security and complying with legal retention requirements, document scanning can help you to achieve a number of aims.

Document Scanning

There are a number of reasons why organisations are beginning to realise the value of scanning documents. As technology moves forward, a paperless office can seem an appealing prospect for many businesses. Scanning is an effective way to preserve your documents while also saving storage space. Digitising your records also makes your files much easier to track and retrieve, saving you considerable time and money. And, while scanned documents can improve ease of access, it can also heighten document security.

Leveraging market leading products like Kofax Transformation™ allows us to build a solution that caters for your exact scanning needs, giving us the flexibility of customising the project to your own internal systems/auditing needs. After the initial test phase, to make sure the project is exactly to your requirements and only when all parties concerned are happy will scanning commence.

We are able to take advantage of features including advanced capture and recognition technologies that can classify and extract from any document, regardless of type, content or format. This enables us to transform scanned documents into structured information allowing us to provide a cost effective and accurate digitising solution for our customers.

Once scanned, images and data can be provided in any format to suit your own internal document requirements. We are accessible to you through various methods, including SFTP, FTP, online hosting and encrypted storage media. To see how we could improve the efficiency of your office processes with electronic document scanning, simply give our customer service team a call or contact us online to organise a free consultation or visit to one of our sites.

Protection & Retention

A major advantage to scanning your files is the protection it offers. It is an excellent disaster recovery measure. As all companies are prone to some form of risk, we can help you develop a business recovery plan that will mean you can continue to run your business as normal in the event of a disaster.

Scanning can also help to protect against deterioration. By having documents scanned electronically, you can make sure that your vital documents will not suffer reduction in quality over time. Having scanned documents located on CDs or hosted securely online also protects important documents against fire or water damage.

Another advantage comes in the form of making it easier to retain files. The legal requirements for retaining documents and files for certain periods of time can be somewhat of a burden for many public and private sector organisations, particularly when space comes at a premium.

By scanning your documents, you can retain documents without having to find places to store them, and get instant access without wasting time searching for certain files. A scanned library is also easier to maintain when it comes to legal expiry dates.

Tracking & Retrieval

Once you request our scanning services, we will schedule for your files to be collected by our professional, security-checked team. Items are then booked in and prepared for scanning by removing all staples, unfolding creases and ensuring that all data is visible. Should there be anything missing, our staff will contact you.

Documents are scanned to the agreed format, usually TIFs or PDFs, however we also offer an OCR (optical character recognition) service which can recognise written characters on text, giving you flexibility in how you wish to view your documents. These files are then indexed as required and a database is built and hosted online. Physical documents can then either be returned to you, stored at one of our facilities, or confidentially destroyed.

Our records are tracked using industry-leading software and all indexed data is stored centrally in an RS-SQL database. We use world-leading storage and management software to store and manage our records and all files are tracked via this system to ensure that a full audit trail is created from each stage of the process through to completion.

Once scanned, documents are easy to retrieve. Scanned files can be transferred to any particular media you wish, including CDs, DVDs, USB sticks and encrypted hard drives. Documents can also be hosted securely on our online portal, allowing you to access your scanned data from anywhere in the world.

Specialist Document Scanning

Our range of scanning services includes standard scanning, document classification, OCR/OMR extraction and several specialist document scanning services, including microfilm and microfiche conversion and the scanning of large format documents and drawings.

We have worked with a lot of film in the course of our specialist scanning work. As a result, we have 35 years of experience and are able to digitise microfilm and microfiche quickly and effectively without compromising quality. Our services include the digital conversion of microfiche, 16mm and 35mm microfilm, slides, aperture cards and half plate negatives.

We can also perform OCR conversion from microfilm and microfiche, conversion of 35mm film strips to CD and CAD file archiving. Having worked closely with architects and organisations such as the Environment Agency, we are fully aware of how important it is to have digital versions of large documents such as plans and drawings.

We are able to scan documents up to 46” wide and of unlimited length in black and white, grayscale or colour. Should you require any of our specialist scanning services, we are happy to offer you a free sample to demonstrate the quality of our solutions. Simply get in touch with our team to find out more.

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