Offsite tape storage offers increased security and advanced indexing and tracking services, which protects your files and saves you valuable time and space.

Offsite Data Storage

Stor-a-File have storage facilities across the UK and our offsite tape vaulting solutions provide a safe and secure environment for your tape based data. We secure and manage over 10 million barcoded items across multiple sites, maintaining optimal safety and security conditions nationally.


Storing your tapes offsite ensures the best possible protection against disasters for your data. Storing data offsite increases data security and allows for better environmental protection. It also allows your data to be stored in a easy to use, efficient system, that you can still access at any time. This allows you to focus on the day to day workings of your business; without having to worry about where your tapes are stored. 

Offsite storage also allows you to reduce in-house storage costs and allows you to more efficiently retrieve important documents. Allowing you to utilise valuable space in your office. Instead of setting aside room for storing files, you can now use that room as additional workspace. Overall, storing your important files offsite vastly increases data security and enforces a more appropriate level of data retention.


Choosing not to back-up and store copies of your tapes offsite could mean that any emergency to your site may incur a loss of valuable data. This is due to the fact that many offices do not store their data to the same high standard of protection and security that we ensure at Stor-a-file.  

Our extra-large fire rated vaults are specifically designed for media storage ensuring that your tapes and data are kept much safer for longer than they would be in the majority of office storage situations. The vaults are kept in a clean, dry and secure storage environment. The vaults are also monitored by security and fire protection systems. This is in place alongside the precautions undertaken by our highly trained staff in order to ensure that your data is handled in the best possible manner. 

Stor-a-File offer a daily, weekly and monthly tape rotation service to ensure that your stored data is regularly kept up to date. An ad-hoc request service is of course also available and we can offer same day express and emergency retrievals for DR exercises and real emergencies to almost anywhere in the country. 

Having your back-up tapes to you quickly during an emergency is crucial and essentially ensures that your business doesn’t grind to a halt when disaster occurs. The knowledge that this is possible also allows you to have a little more peace of mind knowing that all of the important data that you are required to keep is in safe hands. Statistics have proven that following a disaster a 15 day complete loss of company data is likely render a business irrecoverable. Overall, storing back-up tapes offsite is the best way to ensure the protection of your valuable data.


Ensuring that your material is stored and handled correctly is of the utmost importance to us. Our experienced and expertly trained staff efficiently and methodically store and handle all of your data with the utmost care. These expertly trained staff ensure that all of your tapes are handled in accordance with the strict handling and organisation procedures outlined within the Data Protection Act 2018 and the latest GDPR standards introduced in 2018.

Once your data is received at our secure storage facilities it will be stored within a cabinet equipped with a state of the art key lock (rated to £100,000 for cash safes). Your tapes will be stored together in one place, this ensures that they can be located easily and tracked accurately. We are able to adopt your own referencing system or apply our own specific barcodes, this means that all physical movements of your tapes are tracked and controlled.


We are able to provide delivery and can schedule these on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure your tape rotation schedule is efficiently adhered to. Your collections and deliveries can be tailored to the needs and requirements of your company. Our experienced staff can help you work out the best plan for your business. 

During the collection and delivery process your tapes are handled by our own staff and using our own company vehicles. Whilst the tapes are in transit, they are locked in extremely tough Peli cases. The Peli cases, often used in many military, industrial, and commercial applications are waterproof, incredibly resilient and near impossible to break. 

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A native species tree for every 100 boxes we store.

Offsite Data Storage

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  • I would like to add that we have all been very impressed with your company’s service and would highly recommend your services to our associates in the future. It’s not often in business these days that you come across a company that exceeds your expectations. We would like to thank you all for a job well done.

    Peter T Moore, Peter Moore Wealth Management LTD

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  • Stor-a-File has offered our company a cost effective storage solution that meets all of our every day requirements. Their secure, efficient, document control and retrieval system has transformed our approach to Archive storage. The benefits have been obvious, time saving, space saving and cost saving. We would recommend Stor-a-File to any business that needs to store and retrieve important paperwork.

    Harvey Owen, Nicklin LLP

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  • Stor-a-File have worked with Leicester City Council on several major storage and digitisation projects since 2013… We found them responsive, reliable and easy to work with.

    Matthew Johnson, Enterprise Content Manager, Information Services
    Leicester City Council

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  • Twice yearly we carry out physical inventory for the whole plant which results in a considerable amount of data to process. We have been using Stor-a-File for a number of years to process the data and have found them to be efficient and accurate in the keying of this data. As well as data processing they actually pick up the packages and deliver them back to us when complete. Stor-a-File work weekends to accommodate our schedule for completion of data – if you are looking for a solution to solve a problem relating to data capture we would not hesitate to recommend them.

    Fiona Campbell, Accounts & Finance
    Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK Ltd

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  • The biggest benefit to us is that you are so versatile. Urgent deliveries within 2 hours (normally less than this though in practice) as you are so local. Notes available within the same space of time that we work to onsite.

    Debbie Waters, Service Manager, Medical Records,
    University Hospitals of Leicester, NHS Trust

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