Protect your organisation against document security breaches

With recent high-profile data breaches hitting the headlines this summer, how you store your company, client records and data will be at the forefront of your mind. Is your current solution really safe? 

Recently, charities and organisations including the Bletchley Park Trust and National Trust have seen their records and data hacked. East Anglia's Children's Hospices are the latest victim, having seen personal information – such as names, addresses, emails and donation history – stolen. 

Having worked with both the public and private sectors, we fully understand the challenges they face when it comes to document storage – particularly in regard to the documents that you are legally required to retain. They are usually very rarely accessed and can be a drain on resources. By storing these documents elsewhere, however, you can keep them safe and secure without any of the accompanying challenges.

Off-site document storage offers increased file security, advanced indexing and tracking services, which protect your files. Our solutions allows us to track, secure and manage over 10 million files and storage boxes across multiple sites under optimal safety and security conditions.

Keeping your hard copies and not creating digital versions has its advantages. Hard copy documents and data are so much more secure than electronic files, in many cases – a large vehicle would be required to make off with the large amounts held – whereas masses of electronic data can be slipped into a pocket, hacked or corrupted. 

In addition, our database means that clients only keep the documents they need. We keep track of when the retention dates are due to expire, so that they can decide whether to keep their files in storage or have them confidentially shredded.

There’s a dual benefit to off-site storage: you not only save space, but also save time when it comes to locating a file. Finding a physical document is just as easy as a digital one with our advanced indexing and tracking system. All it takes is a quick call to our customer service team, or using our online ordering system, and we’ll locate your files in a matter of seconds.

Security is our number one concern when it comes to storing documents. We have a number of physical and electronic security measures in place, including fob access systems on all entry points, access security to server rooms, uniforms and ID badges for all staff, strict visitor protocol, internal and external CCTV, a fenced perimeter and 24-hour patrolling.

So, digital copies or hard copies: either way, you need to feel comfortable and secure in the knowledge that your information and data is safe. For advice or more information, please contact our customer service team on 0800 281587 or email us.