The five steps to confidential shredding

With tightening legal requirements, escalating concerns about identity theft and reputations at stake, there is an increased awareness of and demand for the need to permanently destroy sensitive material.

Organisations, therefore, need to know that their documents will be confidentially destroyed within agreed timeframes and to the required standards.

Here are our five key steps to ensure confidential information is correctly and safely destroyed:


1. Assessment: 

We assess the most secure, effective and cost-effective way to collect your confidential waste. We ensure the disposal of your confidential waste in a secure and controlled manner. 

Our process is regulated by continual external audits. It minimises risk and reassures that we work to a recognised specialist standard.


2. Secure collection:

Our DBS-checked, referenced and uniformed staff then securely collect your documents in GPS tracked, alarmed vehicles. To ensure that your documents are secure at all times, we implement strict transport and uniform and badge policies. Collection is conducted by security checked personnel who are clearly identifiable by their branded uniforms and identification badges. All documents will be transported in crates and boxes carrying the Stor-a-File name and logo.


3. Delivered to a secure location:

When documents are delivered to one of our sites they are scanned into the shredding bay, quality checked and loaded into the shredding area. Our sites are well-maintained with alarm systems, a fenced perimeter, internal and external CCTV, security fob systems; a secure electronic network protected by firewalls, dedicated leased lines, encrypted servers, secure domain access and password protection; fire system, extinguishers and RedCARE links to local police and fire stations. 


4. Destruction of documents to required standards:

The industrial shredder cross cuts paper to the relevant standards, and this waste is then mixed and baled. We issue a destruction certificate to you, once the shredding is complete.


5. Recycle:

The bales are then recycled.

Recycling is an important part of our ethos here at Stor-a-File. We have deliberately integrated a number of environmentally-friendly policies and practices into the course of our operations. Rather than simply burning or sending this waste to landfill, we instead work with some of the UK’s leading paper mills to ensure that the waste is recycled into products such as tissue paper.

Our secure shredding service complies to the strictest standards and regulations, we safely shred, bale and recycle tonnes of confidential waste paper every day. 

Want to learn more about our confidential shredding services? Contact us today on 0800 281857 to discuss how Stor-a-File can keep your paper backup files safe and secure.