How to get rid of sensitive documents?

We safely shred, bale and recycle tons of confidential waste paper every day. Working with a huge variety of customer data – from patient records and HR records to local government documents and sensitive legal data – Stor-a-File’s paper shredding services adhere to the highest standards.

As an organisation, you need to ensure that you are not only protecting your business, but also your customers. With tightening legal requirements, escalating concerns about identity theft and reputations at stake, there is an increased awareness of and demand for the need to permanently destroy confidential waste. Organisations, therefore, need to know that their documents will be confidentially destroyed within agreed timeframes to the required standards.

Various flexible solutions are available, depending on the needs of your organisation. 

Everything from the collection of your confidential waste to shredding itself is all done in-house by our experienced and security-checked team, so we can guarantee not only competitive pricing and professional service, but complete security.

If you are in the process of clearing out date documents during an annual clean-up, then ad hoc shredding is an ideal solution. We simply arrange a suitable time to come and collect your waste paper, then take it to be confidentially shredded. To help you with this process, we can provide heavy-duty sacks and trackable tags in order to create a full audit trail.

If you require more regular collections of confidential waste, we can offer you a variety of container solutions suited to a range of working environments. These include locked consoles and 240L or 1100L locked bins that can be located at key points in your office and are ideal for regular office shredding.

These solutions are perfectly suited to weekly or monthly collections and can be picked up according to a schedule that suits you. All containers are uniquely tracked to each customer, and a destruction certificate is issued to you after each pick-up has been shredded.

Stor-a-File’s process is regulated by continual external audits and works to the following standards:

  1. Confidential shredding to BS EN 15713:2009 standards
    BS EN 15713 is a European standard that ensures controlled destruction of confidential material. 

  2. Destruction certificate of confirmation provided
    Following your document shredding, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your material has been securely destroyed.

  3. O’Neil’s Records Management system
    All stages of the process are tracked using O’Neil’s Records Management system, from initial collection to the issuing of your destruction certificate. This enables Stor-a-File to effectively manage, store, track and retrieve your boxes, files and documents.

  4. Corporate social responsibility and recycling
    Recycling is an important part of our ethos at Stor-a-File. We have deliberately integrated a number of environmentally-friendly policies and practices into the course of our operations. We also apply this green mentality to our shredding practices: once your documents have been destroyed, they are baled. Rather than simply burning or sending this waste to landfill, we instead work with some of the UK’s leading paper mills to ensure that the waste is recycled into tissues, hand towels and cardboard household products.

    Shredding and recycling is the least harmful destruction method for the environment, and as most businesses have policies in place to help reduce their carbon footprint and bolster their corporate responsibility, Stor-a-File’s green values help you comply.

  5. Keeping up to date and following all legal requirements for safe and secure business shredding
    Secure disposal of unwanted hard copy data is a legal requirement under the Data Protection Act 1998 and WEEE Directive on Waste Management. All data which could identify a living individual must be confidentially destroyed in a secure manner.

  6. GDPR compliant
    While much of GDPR focuses on digital security threats, it’s important not to forget about the potential risks posed by physical documents. It’s vital for compliance that personal data in paper format isn’t left insecure or ineffectively disposed of. Shredding confidential files at a dedicated, secure facility ensures that the destruction of documents is properly handled.

  7. Expert consultants
    Stor-a-File acts as a data processor to determine how best to facilitate DSARs (Data Subject Access Requests), the rectification of personal data requests, application and adherence to retention periods and the processes of secure erasure and destruction of personal data.

    To see how we could improve and secure your office shredding process, talk to our friendly team today!