Full Service
A Complete Document Solution.

Our full service offers you an all-in-one document management solution that encompasses every step from collection, storage, scanning and capturing to shredding and recycling.

Full Service

A complete and professional document management service that handles every stage from collection to destruction, to improve your storage and tracking, heighten file security, and enhance efficiency.


Increase the security and improve the indexing and tracking of your files with a professional document storage solution that also saves you valuable office space and time.

Meet the demands of legal retention and protect your files from confidentiality breaches, loss, damage, and fire and flood by keeping original documents in a dedicated, offsite document storage environment. Our professional team ensure a full audit trail by tracking your documents point-to-point, from the moment your files are collected to when they're stored in our warehouse – and beyond.


Create a paperless office and protect your documents from deterioration and disaster with the help of industry-leading scanning tools, tracking software and indexing databases.

Digitised documents are easier to store, are quicker to track and retrieve, and give you confidence that your data is protected in the event of disaster. We scan documents to agreed formats, and transfer your files onto any particular media you request. We also provide specialist scanning services to help preserve and convert film and large format documents and drawings into digital formats.


Capture, store, process and analyse crucial client data from returned mail, questionnaires and surveys with intelligent data capture technologies.

It’s crucial that companies make use of the information they receive about their clients. Getting this data captured and utilised as quickly as possible maintains accurate client databases, keeps you competitive, and can reduce business costs as well as your organisation’s carbon footprint. We offer a range of services that guarantee secure, confidential data capture.


Destroy sensitive and private documents with confidential, efficient and environmentally-friendly shredding services that have been specifically designed to minimise risk.

We understand the importance of confidentiality and work to internationally recognised standards including the Secure Destruction of Confidential Material standard. You can be assured that your sensitive information is protected from collection to shredding, baling and recycling, and that a full audit trail has been created.

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A native species tree for every 100 boxes we store.

Full Service

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