Why Paperless Offices are the Future

Countless businesses across the UK are going paperless, moving away from bulky paper based documents to digitised formats, with many citing environmental responsibility as their main reason for making this transition. While paperless offices are without a doubt beneficial to the environment, did you know that they can also be a huge competitive advantage for your business? In this blog, we will discuss how making the move to a paperless office can save your company valuable space, time, and money, making it easier than ever for you to focus on making your business a success.


Offices with many paper documents will often have large amounts of space dedicated to filing cabinets, resulting in dead space which could be used for much more productive purposes. With the space you save by going paperless, you can make room for new workstations, a new break-out area, or even just enjoy the increased space in your previously cramped and cluttered office.


Digitised documents drastically increase the speed of data transfer within your business. Not only can multiple employees view the same document at once, documents can be transferred to different departments (or even other branches) at the click of a button - without the need for faxing or scanning.

Filing documents properly takes time, you have to locate the appropriate filing cabinet and spend time making sure your documents are going in the right place. If done incorrectly, this can lead to problems down the line when it’s time to find a document that has been misfiled. Your staff will have to spend time searching, which results in lost time and ultimately, lost revenue. With a paperless office, you can virtually eliminate administrative time related to filing and sorting documents, and put your staff to work on something worthwhile.


The most distinct advantage of paperless offices are the financial savings for your business. The obvious saving is in paper and ink costs, which are eliminated by using digital files, however there are a whole host of other cost savings that you may not have even considered.

With paper files, it is likely that they need to be photocopied when distributing to multiple members of staff; this means additional costs for a photocopier, ink, photocopier maintenance, and the time your staff spend copying documents which could be better spent on revenue-generating activities.

Without a paperless office, your company also runs the risk of misplacing or damaging important documents. The consequences of this can range from wasted time spent searching for lost files, all the way to receiving large fines if the document you have misplaced is a legal requirement for your industry.
When you go paperless, there is a significantly reduced risk of your important files going walkabout, with sophisticated tracking and indexing systems in place that allow you keep track of your crucial information.

As well as the above, a paperless office allows for much quicker turnaround times when dealing with customer queries or information requests, and happier customers naturally leads to happier pockets.

It may seem like a daunting task to convert your document-laden office into a streamlined paperless workplace, but luckily, Stor-a-File’s wealth of digitising experience makes the whole process a breeze. Call us today on 0800 281 157 to find out how we can save you space, time, and money.