The Importance of Location in Document Storage

When thinking about document management and secure storage for back up computer media and transit cases there are three important things to consider. These are security, cost and location. Often it is the third of these three important factors that gets forgotten but is sometimes critical for fast access to your documents and maintaining rotation cycles for your data transit cases.

Although the location for offsite document storage is of no consequence to some businesses, as ultimately many stored documents are not needed on a daily basis, it is often vital that a computer media back up and exchange service needs to be within reach. This often leads to businesses making one of two common mistakes; storing their data too close, or too far away from their own premises.

In this blog we intend to explore why these common mistakes are made and how we at Stor-a-File ensure that we combat this with our strategically placed storage centres.

Storing data too close to the main site or offices for your business can often be tempting. This is because the amount of time taken to deliver, collect or rotate your data is much shorter. It can also be comforting to know that your back-up media is close by in case of an emergency. However, in larger cities this close proximity to your storage facility can cause unforeseen issues such as your emergency back-up data and documents being impacted by the same issues as your own premises.

With secure archive centres based on the outskirts of many major cities including Manchester, Merseyside, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton and London, Stor-a-File are ideally located to avoid inner city issues, yet still within reach to access your documents, and computer media in an emergency.

If you have opted to have your documents scanned, we can of course retrieve your files and get them to you within minutes.

Find out more about the benefits of storing your documents and back up media with Stor-a-File here.

Or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful team. We’re ready to answer any question, or fulfil any request, that you might have.