The Benefits of Microfiche Conversion for Local Authorities

Stor-a-File lead the document management industry in England and Wales with professional and confidential document storage, shredding and scanning services. With a wealth of experience in undergoing microfiche scanning and conversions for local authorities, and an affordable monthly fee, Stor-a-File are the ideal partner for any microfiche conversion project.

In today’s fast moving electronic world, microfiche storage is quickly becoming known as an outdated method of storing crucial data. While microfiche storage has the advantage of a lengthy life span (upward of 500 years), this benefit is largely outweighed by the difficulty of viewing the contents.
Indeed, most microfiche readers are becoming hugely expensive due to the increasing rarity of this storage method, and the space required to store the reader and the files themselves could certainly be put to better use.
While this storage method is reliable, locating the necessary file and reading the contents is often a lengthy, difficult and expensive process. Even when the documents are found, the quality of the print is often poor.

As workplaces modernise, local authorities in particular are looking to convert their microfiche records into contemporary formats that will fit in to their electronic document management systems.

What are the benefits of microfiche conversion for local authorities?

There are a huge range of benefits of microfiche scanning for local authorities, but perhaps the most obvious among them is the reduced cost of retaining archived documents.
By converting microfiche files into digital formats, not only do you save storage space, but you also save the cost of maintaining the expensive equipment required to read the files.

When your microfiche files are digitised and indexed, obtaining the files you need is a much more efficient process. No longer will you need a member of staff to physically search through your microfiche; they can turn their attention to more important work instead. Your scanned files will be available to you in whichever format suits your unique needs.

Microfiche scanning and conversion also reduces the risk of data loss. While microfiche does have a long life span as mentioned above, this doesn’t negate the possibility of human error and misplacement. In order for your microfiche files to stay in peak condition, they need to be stored correctly with controlled temperature and humidity; which can be extremely time consuming to regulate.

Stor-a-File have worked with a number of local authorities to provide microfiche scanning services. We take pride in the quality and consistency of our conversions, and in providing an affordable service with a manageable monthly invoice, making the whole process highly efficient and cost effective. An example would be that a cabinet of microfiche could be scanned over a 3 year period for just £600 a month, with all requested files, emailed over as a greyscale, digital PDF within 24 hours.

If you’d like to learn more about Stor-a-File’s microfiche and microfilm scanning, read this case study on our work with Waverley Borough Council, or contact one of our microfiche experts on 0800 281 857 today.