Streamline Your Communications with Digital Mailroom Services

Streamline the way your business processes communications and be confident that your mail is being handled professionally and securely and being processed efficiently and effectively with our intelligent digital mailroom services.

Organisations need to keep in touch with people across a wide range of sectors – from clients and partners to contractors and legal teams – so it’s vital to be able to efficiently sort, prioritise and act upon all of the various communications you receive to ensure accurate and timely responses. It’s effective communication that keeps those you collaborate with satisfied and business processes running smoothly, after all!

Be they big, small, private or public, companies of all kinds need help to process their mail. Over the years we’ve partnered with organisations including Sky, Vodafone, Aviva, Boots, Experian, LV and Marks & Spencer on projects of varying sizes to help them achieve effective processing of surveys, questionnaires and unopened mail.

So why outsource your mailroom and scanning services? Well, there are a number of benefits. Capturing data quickly and accurately helps you to improve the efficiency of your organisation’s operations while also reducing costs and saving valuable time. Traditionally, this flow of information would be processed manually, which is extremely time consuming and can be prone to human error – and is therefore a costly option for your business.

Turning physical, paper-based information into digital information also makes tracking and retrieving your data much simpler, thus enabling you to act more quickly and effectively, bettering your customer service and enabling you to seize opportunities. In addition, once the information is digitised, you can integrate it with other forms of digital data, such as email communications and online contact forms – something that’s a real advantage in an increasingly digital world.

As a dedicated, professional service, we can also ensure that your mail is handled according to the latest standards and legislation, thereby enhancing the security of your data – a crucial factor when complying with data protection legislation.

Ultimately, digital mailroom automation greatly improves the efficiency of your organisation’s communications and data handling processes to make it easier for you to get down to the real business. But how does the operation work? Below, we take you through our standard mailroom process…

Receiving Your Mail

We’ll receive your mail at our mailroom via our return address or PO Box address. Our experienced, security-checked staff will then prepare the envelopes prior to scanning, which includes removing the cellophane windows from all envelopes to ensure a clear, high quality scan. The mail is then assigned a unique number or date to identify each batch.

Scanning Your Envelopes

Once prepped and assigned with unique identifications, envelopes are scanned through our top of the range OPEX scanner. The 1D and 2D barcodes that contain the important data you need are read by our intelligent OPEX scanning software or our clever Kofax system. All images are then collated and exported to a predetermined holding directory and are automatically loaded as a mixed scanned batch into our Kofax system.

Kofax Validation

To ensure that every piece of mail has been scanned correctly, our validation operators check through the mixed classified batches to weed out any unsuccessful images. Those that have failed the initial automated classification system will be manually processed using our Kofax system. To finalise the classification process and create client-specific batches, the Kofax system then uses OCR techniques to extrapolate barcodes, addresses, invoice numbers or other specific information from each mailing image and collates these into a validation batch. These batches will then be automatically allocated to our internal indexers, who will enter each validation batch to check that the OCR process was effective and will finalise the capturing of any information that could not be completed automatically.

Exporting Your Data to You

The final step sees all finished indexed batches exported from our Kofax system to your SQL database. A member of our operations department will run client-specific outputs at agreed times (daily, weekly or monthly) to collate all indexed files to whatever file layout you have previously chosen. We will then communicate with you via an automated email to confirm the successful data upload, enabling you to act on your new information.

You can read more about our data capture services here. If you’d like to learn more about our digital mailroom services, visit one of our in-house mailroom facilities or discuss your organisation’s needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We’d love to hear from you and explore how we could help you to streamline your communications.