Moving office – our record management tips

A new office is often a real source of celebration but relocating and finally settling in is hard work. It is not just about new decorations and furniture; consideration should also be given to document management and data collection as part of any office move. It should not be left as an after-thought.

Like most work projects, it is very important to plan well in advance and this is equally important when considering how to move records as well. In the first instance it is important to carry out an information audit – using an inventory to determine where all of the company records are located. And it is not just physical records that need to be included in the audit. Email and electronic records must be part of any record inventory too.

The inventory should create a list of vital operational documents that are needed to be maintained. It should also identify documents and records that are inactive and can be either disposed of in line with regulations or stored offsite to provide additional space in any new office. An office move can provide that opportunity to “spring clean” the records management of a business.

Once an inventory has identified what is needed to be kept in the office, what is not needed directly in the office and what can be disposed of – how does a business move forward?

There are several options available that include secure offsite storage, document scanning, document shredding and document retrieval.

Here at Stor-a-File our off site storage services provides clients with a secure environment in which to safely retain, track and manage thousands of files and documents. Alternatively, we can scan and then store digital versions of files that allows businesses to go paperless, benefit from the faster retrieval of files and enjoy protection from the physical deterioration of paper-based material. These services are provided by our secure storage sites that are based throughout the country and located close to major transport links.

If records are identified as no longer being required then we also offer a confidential document shredding service which is managed in conjunction with BS EN 15713 for Secure Destruction and BS EN 27001 for Information Security Management so clients can have peace of mind that they have disposed of their material correctly.

A new office needs to be a functional space. Taking a pragmatic approach to document storage can allow a business to maximise the opportunity and in turn run their business in a smoother fashion.