GDPR Compliance: The Way You Store Your Records is Changing

Do You Know Exactly Where Your Records Are?

With GDPR coming into force in just six months, experts have expressed their fears that many organisations do not fully understand the complexity of GDPR and are not prepared for the changes ahead. GDPR will make crucial changes to the way in which you store and access your files. With shorter timescales for Subject Access Requests, stricter requirements for storing data and harsher punishments for data breaches, it’s vital that you know exactly where each and every record you hold is stored to ensure compliance and enable fast, secure retrieval.

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We’re Here to Help You Comply

Our services ensure that you’re compliant, responsive and ready for the changes ahead.

  • Fast Scan Back for Subject Access Requests
  • Standard Next Day Delivery on All Records
  • Compliant Indexing & Cataloguing Services

New Timescales for Subject Access Requests…

Under GDPR, organisations will have less time to comply with SARs. Information must therefore be provided without delay and within 30 days of receipt of the SAR instead of the previous 40 days allowed under the DPA. Will your organisation will be able to quickly isolate the specific data upon request or will you need to update your procedures? We have a solution below…

Act Fast on Subject Access Requests…

Our Scan on Demand service makes archived records quickly available to the subject access requestor within the new 30 day timeframe. We also offer a standard next day delivery service for all records stored with us.

GDPR-Compliant Indexing & Cataloguing Services

In previous years, simple box-level storage allowed for each box to hold a number of records and be broadly catalogued according to a from/to sequence or by admittance date. GDPR, however, requires all individual records to be identifiable. Accurate file listings for all records is now a critical endeavour. Fortunately, our efficient, secure file-level indexing service not only ensures that you know exactly where each and every file is stored, but it also improves the speed of data retrieval operations and helps you to retrieve individual files with ease.

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The challenge of compliance may seem daunting, but we’re here to help you meet the new data inventory and storage requirements with confidence and ease. Should you have any queries or questions about how our services could help your organisation prepare for GDPR, our team will be happy to help discuss your options.