Electronic Document Scanning Solutions for the Public Sector

The ESPO 390 electronic document scanning solutions framework provides public sector bodies access to a range of document scanning solutions including the scanning, storage and disposal of documents and the supply of software and consultancy services. We are one of only seventeen approved ESPO 390 suppliers in the UK and have been on this framework for many years.

As an approved ESPO 390 supplier, we can work with any public sector body in the UK, including local government and the NHS. Our compliant scanning, storage and retrieval services reassure organisations that we can meet their needs with rigorous standards, high levels of service and competitive prices. One ESPO 390 project came to us in 2015, when we were awarded a contract with a county council to undertake a large-scale scan, store and scrap project.

Our first step was to meet with the county council departments to identify the current situation, assess the requirements and formulate a strategy. Following our initial meetings, we were able put in place a number of important procedures that would ensure that the needs of the county council were met.

As many of the records involved in this project were of a sensitive nature, this project called for tight control and coordination. It was therefore essential that management and control over the relevant records was exercised from the very beginning. To ensure this, and to ensure that the required national and internal standards were met, the county council requested an on-site team be deployed to their various locations so that the project team was fully aware of the status and location of their records at all times.

It was also of vital importance that each record was identifiable, secure and tracked during this project. We started this process by identifying the relevant county council electronic indices. To manage and replicate these client indices, we set up an innovative barcoding software system called Consignment Manager and uploaded the existing indices into the new programme.

With these initial steps in place, we assumed control of the relevant records, barcode boxes and files. These files were then identified and added to boxes using the newly configured Consignment Manager software, which efficiently automated and streamlined the organisational process. These boxes were then handed to our collection and delivery personnel to be transported for scanning, OCR and bookmarking of all files to ISO10008 standards. Throughout this process, all work was carried out in accordance with our various ISO procedures and formed part of our internal quality trail and we produced dispatch notes and status reports for issue to the county council.

By successfully implementing the above strategy, our team successfully processed and scanned 60,000 files, fulfilled 2,500 retrieval requests within 2 hours, delivered a uniform and accurate database of all records, resolved 7,500 database anomalies, and physically rationalised the contents of 12,000 social care files. Importantly, all of these aims were achieved with minimal disruption to the county council’s personnel.

More information about the ESPO 390 framework can be found on the ESPO website here.