Document storage whilst working remotely

Businesses in some cases were not fully prepared for this situation and faced challenges of how to access key business documents, whilst being mindful of data protection regulations.

Many business sectors have been challenged – HR, Health, Education, Legal, and Business Service providers. All need secure access to data about employees, cases, and customer records.

Stor-a-File provides physical document storage and archiving for clients across a broad range of sectors in the UK. We’ve been working hard to ensure that documents can be provided safely and securely for our clients.

Our goal is to make sure we support our clients with business continuity plans for document management, help their employees be productive, and keeping operations running as smoothly as possible.

With this in mind, we’ve recommended services that can help businesses improve their document management processes – supporting office, mobile, and home-based employees.

Digital mailrooms

Digital mailrooms can help businesses effectively manage incoming mail with sort and scan. Making sure documents get to where they need to go whether your team are homeworkers or spread across office locations

Document scanning

Our online secure portal enables customers to request documents to be scanned, searchable index with view/download facility.

Document storage

Our traditional storage services can be combined with our new Cloud Document & Scan service

Security is built into all our service offerings, with GDPR at the core of all service offerings. A full audit facility is available for all our services, making sure your business is compliant with regulations and legal responsibilities.

In May Stor-a-File launched the Cloud Document & Scan Service, our proposition focuses on alleviating space and time constraints traditionally associated with the storage of paper documents.

The proposition provides a quick and simple scan and retrieve service for clients, packages are scaled to meet the needs of a range of organisations. Combining the traditional document storage and retrieval service with a cloud retrieval service. Giving the ultimate flexibility for organisations

Interested in exploring the document storage and scan options available please contact our Customer Service team on 0800 281587 or get in touch with an email.