Document Management Made Easy by O'Neil's Records Management Software

We’re firm believers that storing your documents offsite can save your business space, time, and money.

But what’s the point of offsite storage if you can’t easily access and manage your files? Having your documents stored well out of harm's way is one thing, but if you spend a lot of time managing them, your business won’t be anywhere near as efficient as it could be.

Thankfully, here at Stor-a-File, we take advantage of powerful software that makes document management a breeze for our clients.

Since 2003, we have been working with O’Neil Software, using their impressive records management software to streamline our processes and save time for our clients.

At our dedicated offsite storage facilities across the UK, we use the oneilCloud software to manage, track and monitor all the documents stored on behalf of our clients. All data is held on secure Amazon servers, so you can be confident that your information is perfectly safe, with measures in place including encryption, multi-factor authentication, and round-the-clock security monitoring.

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That’s how we make things easier for ourselves, but how do we make things easier for you?

We use another handy piece of software, oneilOrder, to give you complete control over your business data. Our drivers use sim enabled RSmobile scanners to upload deliveries upon receipt, giving your items total point-to-point trackability through an easy to use web portal.

Not only does oneilOrder allow you to easily search through your inventory, it can also be used to request a speedy delivery of your required documents. Simply access the portal, order the files you want, and they’ll be with you in a flash. This means less time spent managing your offsite storage, more time getting important work done.

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Still not convinced? You’ll be pleased to learn that a very exciting new development from O’Neil Software is now available at Stor-a-File to make things even easier than before!
oneilBridge is an enhanced feature which allows you to integrate your own systems with your oneilCloud inventory, meaning you can seamlessly manage your in-house records alongside those stored offsite with us.

oneilBridge “bridges” the gap between your onsite and offsite records, integrating with your own Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software. In fact, we’re currently working with Leicestershire County Council to integrate their existing record management processes with oneilBridge, a project which will save them a significant amount of time and money going forward.

Want to learn more about offsite document storage or the software used here at Stor-a-File? Give us a call today on 0800 281857, or send us an enquiry through our contact form and one of our experts will be in touch.