Business life after lockdown

Every household, business and individual in Britain is looking forward to the time ahead when we may see the coronavirus behind us and a return to normality. It is widely felt that as businesses have become used to the idea of staff working from home, many are reconsidering how their businesses may become more efficient and streamlined in the future.

Apart from the often overlooked benefit of staff happily working longer hours at home, due to the lack of travelling time, there is also the environmental issue to consider from the reduced use of public transport and fuel.

But perhaps the greatest benefit of all may be on the rent and business rates that could be saved by reducing the size of business premises. Fewer staff on site could result in smaller offices, but when staff have been relocated there are still the office documents that do not have a home to go to!

That’s where Stor-a-File can help. 

With over 40 years expertise in document storage, scanning and secure shredding you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that your confidential paperwork can be transferred to our secure archive centres, indexed and safely stored until you need something back.

Now this is the clever part. 

Stor-a-File provides a scan-on-demand service for customers requiring electronic copies of their documents. The documents can be retrieved, scanned and securely sent to an individual email address the next working day. Alternatively, we have a fleet of vehicles able to deliver hard copy documents or boxes to your staff or customers addresses and arrange collections back into store when required.

Less rent, less energy, lower rates, greater production, and an efficient door to door file delivery system…perhaps it’s time we all looked at business in a different way.

Many companies have benefited from this type of service for years but we suspect many more will be considering their off-site options and the associated benefits in the months to come. 

Please let us know if we can help. Contact our friendly customer service team at or call 0116 276 7294