Assisting Waverley Borough Council with Microfiche scanning

Stor-a-file has recently undertaken a project to assist Waverley Borough Council by scanning 118 boxes of microfiche to JPG. The project had to be carried out to several specific requirements and specifications. Stor-a-file worked with closely Waverley Borough council throughout every step of this project in order to ensure that their needs were met and that every service was provided to the highest possible standard.

We ensured the secure packaging, collection, transportation and storage of the physical microfiche images (estimated at 135,000 microfiche in total). This secure storage was maintained throughout the scanning process. Waverley Borough Council supplied Stor-a-File Ltd with several lookup files containing information of each fiche record, this allowed us to cross-reference the information against the indexed fiche headers to keep full audit traceability. This in turn enabled us to group the files together and name the files correctly once they had all been scanned to JPEG.

However, there were a few issues going forward with naming the files. It was brought to our attention that the appropriate syntax for naming each fiche was not taken into consideration. Stor-a-File's usual choice was to use "-" instead of "/" as this would cause issues upon exporting the files into a windows environment. In order to rectify this issue, when supplying images back we also supplied a metadata file with each delivery, this file contained the correct naming syntax and other relevant information required.

We took extra care to ensure that every piece of microfiche we scanned was scanned to the highest possible quality. A member of the fiche production team checked all scanned images on each fiche jacket within an auditing software. Image quality, rotation and specific job rules were analysed. If an anomaly was discovered the fiche batch was sent back for re-scanning. This anomaly batch would then be updated correctly and placed back into the quality assessment queue for further analysis. When the batch met quality control’s high standards, it would then be closed off.

We pride ourselves on great communication between our staff and our clients. During the project a member of Waverley Borough Council had the ability to contact Stor-a-File’s customer service department via email or over the phone at any time and request either an urgent scan or a delivery of the hard copy. The file was either scanned and uploaded to our scan-on-demand file sharing portal; or shipped to the customer via in house drivers or 3rd party courier within 48 hours of receipt of the request. A confirmation email was sent prior to collection, this contained the relevant tracking number and a description of the delivery’s contents.

Overall, we were incredibly proud of the quality of work we produced for Waverley Borough Council. Especially with the way that our production department liaised with Paul Reeves (Project Manager). In fact our team worked so well with him throughout this project that he recommended Stor-A-File to another large council to complete their microfiche scanning.

Have a project of your own that you feel Stor-a-File could assist you with? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.