Assisting NHS Trusts with GDPR Compliance

Helping GP Practice Managers to Securely Scan, Store & Shred.

Over the years, we have converted all types of hospital records, from HR and financial records to pharmacy and oncology, for more than 50 NHS trusts. Our decades of experience mean we have developed a unique understanding of the needs of Health Records Departments, and keen insight into how current and archived health records should be managed, prepared and scanned as well as how they should be displayed and viewed by clinical staff. This puts us in the ideal position to assist NHS trusts with GDPR compliance. Read on below to find out more about our specialist document services.

Specialist Scanning & Digitisation Services

Our document scanning services help you to meet the ever-increasing demand for digitised records. Our detailed implementation plans allow Health Records libraries that are currently filled to capacity dramatically reduce the number of records in physical storage, and our partnerships with leading EDM solution providers enable unprecedented true record granularity.

Protected Offsite Storage Solutions

Specially designed to safely store thousands of documents, our storage facilities feature a number of physical and electronic security measures to provide full protection against fire, flood and theft. Advanced indexing and tracking software makes retrieval fast and efficient and enables a speedy turnaround on urgent deliveries of patient notes and files.

Confidential Shredding & Destruction

When files are no longer required by law, ensure that patient confidentiality is protected to the very end with our secure shredding services. Preserving the confidentiality of personal documents and data is a primary concern during the destruction process, right from the moment the documents are collected to the time they are quality checked, cross cut shredded, and then mixed and baled for recycling.