Achieving the Highest Standards with NQA

We didn’t manage to grow steadily and successfully for over 40 years by standing still. While the reasons for our growth are many, a key factor is undoubtedly our committed and proactive efforts to keep on improving our services and standards, year on year. This year, we decided to expand our existing knowledge into two newly updated ISO standards to enhance and continue the high levels of service our clients have come to expect.

Considering the nature of our business, it was a somewhat simple decision to select ISO 14001, a standard that targets environmental management, and ISO 27001, a standard that focuses on cybersecurity strategies, customer confidence, asset protection and more. Both of these standards are hugely relevant in our current society, with environmental and cybersecurity issues rightly ranking as high priorities for organisations across the UK.

Certification to ISO is important in itself to reassure our customers that we take these issues extremely seriously. Attaining these standards is certainly not just for show, however. A commitment to environmental policies is one of our founding principles, and keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and security is vital for ensuring that our clients’ assets are thoroughly and effectively protected both now and in the future.

Gaining certification also had wider ramifications for our organisation. Committed to driving internal growth, we aimed to enhance team development and learning. We also wanted to consolidate our partners during the certification process to gain structure and efficiency.

In order to successfully achieve certification and all of our surrounding goals, we knew it was essential to work with a certification body that met our needs as a business. Having worked with NQA since 1996, we have a great longstanding relationship with them and know they understand the scale and demands of our SME multisite operation as well as our goals for consolidation. In the run up to our audits, NQA offered resources in the form of blogs, webinars, and videos for the team to review as well as all necessary training and support.

Thanks to our dedicated team and NQA’s expert support, we achieved the two successful audits. We therefore not only attained our goal of receiving certification but also our aim of consolidating them to a single provider.

Gaining the ISO certifications was a challenge, but a very rewarding one. The process allowed us to look at how our business operates and how the standards work within it, ultimately enabling us to adopt a more impartial approach to the work required and how to address it accordingly. It has also involved an energised team effort that we will be building upon to ensure the continued enhancement of all areas of our business.

Consolidating our key management systems with NQA has allowed our SME business to reinforce our foundations, ensuring we strive to improve our multisite operational effectiveness and build a reputation that services our clients’ requirements, whilst maintaining a flexible and adaptive approach.

We are grateful for NQA’s support in what was a smooth, streamlined and highly successful experience. In fact, we have recently been featured as one of NQA’s ‘client success stories’, which you can read here.