Stor-a-File provide our clients with an offsite storage solution which can track, secure and manage over 10,000,000 files and storage boxes across multiple storage sites under optimum safety and security conditions.
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Stor-a-File: Document Storage

Why use off-site document storage?

Having boxes and files cluttering your office and taking up valuable working space can often be an overlooked expense to your organisation, particularly when documents need to be retained yet not accessed frequently. As well as saving on space in the office Stor-a-File can also eliminate the time often wasted looking for a particular file or box. With our advanced indexing and tracking system all it takes is a quick call to our customer service team or use our online ordering system and we will be able to find your documents in a matter of seconds.

With our vast experience working with both public and private sector bodies we fully understand the legal implications of retaining documents and how this can sometimes be a burden. From this we can remind you when document retention dates are due to expire and inform you so that you can decide whether you want to continue to use our document storage or to have them confidentially shredded, making sure that your organisation only keep the documents that are necessary.

Our Document Storage Facilities

Stor-a-File operate our Archive Document Storage Facilities from 5 wholly owned freehold sites in Leicestershire, London, Northamptonshire and Nottingham. Our secure facilities are the core to our business, they ensure that we can protect and manage our client's records and data. Our sites are also conveniantly located near to major transport links and away from any potential flood plains. 

Security of Premises and Data.

Security measures at our data centre (hosted from our Scanning Bureau) are listed below:

  • Fob System to at all entry points
  • Access Security on Server Room – only IT staff and senior management have the code
  • Employee uniform and ID badge
  • Visitors signing in book and escorted at all times
  • Galvanised Steel fencing perimeter
  • Internal and External CCTV
  • 24 hour patrol at all sites
  • WatchGuard Firebox X20e Wireless UTM
  • Sophos Anti-Virus Virus
  • BT SDSL – 1 to 1 Contention Lease Line
  • Client data is stored on isolated NAS boxes
  • RSA Login for Alchemy Web Clients Available


Data Protection

All physical and virtual documents held at Stor-a-File are covered under the Data Protection Act 1998. In accordance to Data Protection Act 1998 we can provide access to all data of the stored items held in either computerised or manual form. This right entitles our clients to:

  • Information regarding if the data is being processed
  • a description of the data held, the purposes for which it is processed
  • a copy of the information constituting the data.
  • information as to the source of the data.

Our IT support desk is available 08:00-17:00 Monday-Friday. We have a 24/7 IT Support mobile contact for any server issues out of these working hours. These include both Web Servers Alchemy and O’Neils.


If you would like to arrange to visit our facilities then please contact us on 0800 281857 or email

Tracking your documents once in storage

Stor-a-File have a database of how long which files need to be kept, and this is updated when we become aware of legislation changes. We request that all files are sent to us with review dates, to ensure that our client’s files are kept for the legally requisite number of years but not potentially stored for years more than they need to be.

Stor-a-File have used O’Neil Record Storage & Management software since 2003 to track our records. This is a fully supported application that has all of the indexed data stored centrally in an RS-SQL database.

RS-SQL® (Record Storage for SQL Server) is the world's leading record storage & management software product from O'Neil Software.  Running in over 1000 facilities in more than 80 countries, more of the world's records are managed off-site on RS-SQL than any other software package.”

All Stor-a-File services are tracked via this system, and all operatives are issued with a handheld scanning device (such as MC9090 & MC50 models) to use for all activities from uplifting boxes from customer site to pulling priority retrievals at file level. All client requests are processed via our Customer Services team who generate a unique workorder for each batch requirement, and this is then tracked at each stage through to completion – offering a full audit trail.

This O’Neil tracking system allows for the records to be tracked point-to-point from collection, to scanning, to the holding area and finally tracked to the confidential destruction whereby the itemised destruction Certificate is created.

Collection & Delivery

 Collection & Delivery

At Stor-a-File we like to make things as easy as possible for you to retrieve your documents and our customer service team is on hand throughout the week to help you with any archiving problems you may have.

Below is how we process orders and make sure that you receive the best quality service.

End to End Process

  • Request received via web/email/fax/phone.
  • Items are delivered and/or collected as requested.
  • Collected boxes/files are tracked & indexed.
  • Boxes then tracked to racking location in our warehouse.
  • Documents can then be either returned, scanned or confidentially shredded.


All routine delivery and pickups are carried out by our own security checked personnel. Stor-a-File drivers are clearly identifiable by their branded uniforms and identification badges.

Our fleet and driving team grows year on year to handle the increased volume of records and retrieval activity.

We ensure the vehicle fleet are regularly serviced and are kept clean. The vehicles are fitted with an alarm and immobiliser and are securely locked at all times. Each vehicle has emergency AA cover.

In addition to this, Stor-a-File vehicles are tracked with Verilocation GPS tracking and drivers have hands free mobile phones to keep in touch with our Customer Service team